Aspects of Ride

Ride well. Impact the lives of people.

-Departure from the National Civil Rights Museum stage as part of MLK 50.

-Showing the world the power of working together through national and international media.

-Taking part in a groundbreaking event with a nation looking for a better way forward.

-Riding beautiful country roads including parts of The Natchez Trace

-Participation helps launch the Angela Project. (Click to read more about it)

-Full SAG (mechanic, light repair gear, or even hitch a ride)

-Stretch points to refuel along the way - physically and mentally

-Designated stop points for those who want a shorter day

-Hotels on April 3, 4, 5, 6 - single occupancy for your alone time

-Suppers - more than just a “light snack” - riding through some of the best food spots

-After hours events - go to bed early or don’t...

-You’re on your bike a lot - as if that weren’t evident

-Phenomenal new friends - well, I’m sure you’ll at least talk to great people

-Ride groups to allow for different paces and to share the workload (unity, collaboration, encouragement - you know, the things we’re riding for)

In addition to the incredible camaraderie, challenge, and great experience, when we ride we are raising money to address modern day civil rights issues that stem out of bigotry and ignorance. Working together we show unity in the midst of diversity to truly address hunger and poverty in our nation. We’ll travel through some of the poorest counties in America representing the hope that Dr. King preached and embodied. In those same counties, the work of Together for Hope changes lives by providing programming and opportunities to individuals who are working to overcome the barriers imbedded in racism and economic inequality.


National Civil Rights Museum in Memphis, TN, to the Mississippi Civil Rights Museum in Jackson, MS, another pivotal location in the struggle for civil rights.

Tentative Daily Routes:

Day 1 |

Day 2 |

Day 3 |

Hosted by:

Together for Hope
Cooperative Baptist Fellowship
Out Hunger

Endorsed by:

National Civil Rights Museum
Simmons College
The Angela Project
Memphis Brand Initiative